Savouring the Sacred:

The Spiritual Practice of Eating


In our fast-paced lives, meals often become just another task.

Imagine transforming every bite into a moment of presence, gratitude, and connection. Drawing from centuries of Ignatian and Jesuit wisdom, join Anne Lukin, Sheri Bishop, and Greg Kennedy to explore how meals can be an act of meditation and prayer, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary; connecting us more deeply with the food on our plate and the world around us. Bring a snack or a favorite dish for a shared meditation that nourishes both body and soul.

Rediscover the hidden joy and grace in eating and carry this prayerful attitude into every part of your day. 

In this discussion, you will learn:

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How to turn meals into prayerful, mindful moments with God's grace. 


To cherish every moment with deeper intent. 

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Appreciate the fruits of our hands in the grand scheme of creation.

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Anne Lukin

speaks of her retreat experience and her long-time appreciation of the abundant goodness of food.


Sheri Bishop

Kitchen Manager at Loyola House in Guelph, she shares her expertise in creating meals that foster community and contemplation. 

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Greg Kennedy

Director of Loyola House, he offers insights into the Ignatian tradition of finding God in every aspect of our lives, including our meals.


The meditation was wonderful!

Elizabeth Hogue

Great idea to have multiple people, presenters and voices on the webinar.  Very engaging! 

Kate McMaster

Thank you for teaching me, how to really enjoy food in a much profound and thankful way.

Marta Carrillo

Please continue to inspire us with the daily activities we often take for granted. 

Maria Peluso

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Fr. Jean-Francky Guerrier, SJ is a Haitian Jesuit, member of the Province of Canada. He earned a licentiate in philosophy and humanities at the Jesuit Faculty of Philosophy in the Dominican Republic. As a regent, in Haiti, he served as a communication and advocacy officer and project coordinator at the Jesuit Migrant Service in Haiti, providing vital assistance to urban refugees and asylum seekers in Port-au-Prince. He was missioned to Toronto in 2017, pursuing theological studies at Regis College-University of Toronto. He also attended acting and improvisation classes at The Second City.
Fr. Guerrier’s voice and insights have reached many through his podcast, “Talking with Francky,” with Salt and Light Media Toronto. His compassionate listening, active communication style, and attentive nature left his listeners wanting more. Fluent in French, Spanish, English and Haitian Creole, Fr. Guerrier is a bridge between cultures and peoples.
Currently, Fr. Guerrier is pursuing doctoral studies in communication at the Universite de Montreal while honing his skills as programs coordinator for Haiti at the Jesuits of Canada’s, Office of Advancement.


Scott McMaster a lay partner in mission since 2022, continues to form a personal perspective of being Pilgrims Together. In his current role as Director of Advancement he is empowered to use his engaging storytelling to ignite the energy of others. He was called to the Jesuits by their values of authenticity, integrity, courage, forgiveness, hope, healing, justice and service which strongly align with Scott’s personal and religious beliefs. A thoughtful listener whose enthusiasm for sharing the Jesuit mission is contagious. He is a husband of +35 years, a father, a son, a grandfather, an avid sports fan and a member of the Knight’s of Columbus Council #13443. Scott looks forward to sharing the deep impact the Jesuits of Canada provide daily to the people they serve.